Media and Entertainment

The Media & Entertainment industry is constantly going under transformation for last several years. With ever increasing numbers of multiple variety of infotainment delivery channels, each driven by more demanding consumers having different characteristics, rapidly changing market requirements and stiffer competition from emerging players, the media and entertainment companies are in dire need of technological solutions to cross-leverage their assets, enable innovative business process, and enhance the transparency of revenue streams.

The Media Management System (MMS) offers a unique user experience, providing a state-of-the-art, Web-based solution for direct response media agencies and advertisers. MMS easily manages a wide spectrum of media including broadcast, print, digital, long form, short form and per inquiry. From the initial planning, buying and traffic to data import, results analysis and export to QuickBooks Online, MMS manages the full workflow of a media campaign. All of these features are wrapped in a user-friendly and logical workflow methodology, which makes the process of managing your direct response campaigns as easy as a walk in the park. MMS is carefully designed to capture all stages of the media campaign, from start to finish, and provides both buyers and management with all the appropriate tools to manage and execute the campaign faster, better and cheaper, while leveraging on state-of-the-art technologies.

Entertainment management is a relatively new business management discipline that is increasingly being taught as a Bachelor of Arts degree. Entertainment management aim to provide Managing systems like entertainment sector, managing facilities such as sport events, theme parks, theaters, cinemas, live music venues, museums, art galleries, broadcast media companies and night clubs.

This growth is linked to increased consumer expenditure on recreation and entertainment activities. The result is a population assigning greater importance to the free time they have and a consequential willingness to spend more of their income on the ‘experience’ economy.

Verve Systems, powered by its rich expertise in providing custom developed solutions in this domain, completely understand the changing and specific requirements of the Media and Entertainment enterprises and have offered the services with specific focus on Music, Video, Films/Animations, ISVs, Business information Services, Broadcasting and other Media & entertainment companies.

The increasing use of Internet and mobile services has forced the industry to not only move towards digitization of services, products and distribution channels but also put them under pressure to reduce costs and come up with innovative and differentiated offerings. The recent success of various online media and entertainment delivery channels has forced the industry players to re-strategize the whole digitization of the contents.